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Strahov Stadium

Just got home from Prague. Maybe the most interesting place that we visited was Strahov Stadium. Depending on what part of Wikipedia you trust, it's the worlds largest or second largest stadium. From what I've been able to gather it was built for so called Spartakiads, a mass gymnastic event held to celebrate the Red Army's "liberation" of Czechoslovakia in 1945.

We happened upon the stadium while visiting my girlfriends sister who lives in one of the buildings that can be seen in the middle of the second photo. Apparently, these buildings where built mainly for the purpose to serve as dressing rooms for the athletes participating in the Spartakiads. I found that hard to believe until I read that the 1960 Spartakiad had 750,000 participating athletes and over 2 million spectators.

Because of reasons I've decided to place the football photos I take (i.e. AIK) on a separate site. Head on over to if you want to check them out!

Sum 41


I väntan på avspark

Det är något speciellt med tiden innan stadion fylls med folk. Hur förväntningarna börjar byggas upp, vänner som träffas och klackens förberedelser innan avspark. Ett särskilt lugn innan allt exploderar med inmarsch och halsdukar i uppsträckta armar. Kanske bengaler och rök. Två matcher till, sen en oerhört lång vänta på att få återvända till detta.